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When you are trapped inside a cage.

When you are trapped inside a cage and you don’t know where the key is. When the cage starts to feel like home. You ask again and again for the key, but there is no answer.

You want to be free, you want to break down the steel bars of the cage, but you can’t help but stay inside. You feel like someone will come one day and break open the cage, but you will live like how you were in the cage. Trapped, Suffocated, Helpless and Withdrawn.

What if you spend your entire life trapped in a cage wondering if the key even exists? The tingling sound of key-chains makes you hold on to the bars of the cage only to realise the faint sounds were not for you. Soon even a beam of light seems like a facade and a nasty trick darkness was playing with you. What if the cage represents your life and what if your entire life is spent in the search of the key only to realise it doesn’t exist.

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