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I am freaking out inside.

I am freaking out inside I joined a new group of friends at school, because I did not want to be friends with my old group anymore, my plan was to transition out of the group, so that nobody’s feelings with get hurt and I would get accepted easily.

Problem was my friend E found out and she made my life difficult, I completely left my old group for the new group, but my friends J&C told me I should make amends, so that I don’t make enemies. I did, and I became friends with E again life was fine for an hour or two before E messed up. She went and told my new friends that I was only being friends with them to become popular, but that was not the case, I was joining their group, because I got along with them better.

I was confused, who told such a big lie, who was trying to hurt me. I was hurt, so I told a teacher they gave me good advice. When I got home I told E via What’s app what happened she admitted to me that she made the false rumour. I told it was fine as long as made sure that the other group knew the truth. That selfish child said no, so I typed a very angry message, and am now waiting to see what happens tomorrow. I am dying inside. Yet I don’t regret anything, because despite the rumours I am innocent and freaking out. Somebody sane please help me

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