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I want to cut so bad, and just end it already

I’ve never been so depressed in my whole life. I just want to die. No one would care anyway. I can practically kill myself today and no one would notice/care. I’m so useless and worthless and pathetic and fat and ugly and everyone hates me. They don’t tell me but I know that. My mom probably hates me too. She’d be happier without me anyway.

I want to cut so bad, and just end it already. No one will literally care. I just want to die. Please. Anxiety, depression, insecurities, sadness, it all just built up all of a sudden and I didn’t even notice I was already pushing everyone in my life away. I became introverted and anti-social than ever. I started to hate myself, everyone around me, and the world in general. Why was I even born? Why did God have to create me in the first place? I’m so fucking depressed right now. I don’t want anyone to talk to. I really need a therapist but at the same time I don’t. I don’t get myself anymore. I guess no one understands me.

I just really want to die right now.


  1. I used to think like you too. yeah even now and then it came to me so sudden and I will quit what I’m doing and just sit back and watch the skies as it calms me . I just let all my anxiety, depressed thought talks. And I just sat there till they got nothing to say at all. I always thinking of why God created me ? Im just a useless kid surviving in this world where nobody cares. But then it cames to me that if I were really useless, God wont create me as me at the first place. God’s wisdom is far from our reach . We didnt know what is our real purpose right now, but that’s okay. Just live the moment and always believe that somewhere somewhat, you are never alone. there were people who feels exactly like you and still try to survive this world . and I’m one of them . Hang in there,buddy .

  2. I’m in the same situation, I like how you expressed your feeling.
    Well I hope your still alive.

    But I’m asking for forgiveness from the haters I hope you feel better.

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