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Gay Intercourse at 14

My name is Brian and when I was fourteen I had my very first gay intercourse experience.

I had went to stay the night at my friend, Dylan’s, house. Along with myself another friend, Sid, had decided to join us that night and hangout. We ended going to Sid’s because he lived only 4 or 5 blocks away, since his parents weren’t home at the time.

Sid and Dylan explained to me a game they called “Catcher”. The basic layout was everyone got in their underwear, turned the lights off and whoever wasn’t “catcher” had twenty seconds to hide. When the “catcher” caught the victim, he’d hump them. I hid first and went into a closet only to be found and surprised when Dylan had his bulge up against my face in a matter of seconds yelling that he’d found me.

At first, I admit, I was timid, but then I was it and found Sid, which to be honest has a sort of bubble butt, and I started to hump him, forming a semi-erect cock. He made pleasure sort of noises but got up and helped me find Dylan.

At this I realized that Sid wasn’t ready to try anything with a guy and I didn’t think I was either. The game went on for a few more rounds before Dylan was hiding with me from Sid, in a room and locked the door behind us. It was Sid’s room.

Dylan then got on the bed, and I did the rest. I got up pulled his underwear down in the dark, undid mine as well and then tried to sit on his cock. At this point I had made him hard and spit on his cock and had stroked it a few times before finally getting the tip to penetrate my virgin ass. Sid then started knocking at the door asking us to let him in, I ignored it and started to go down a little further but was met with a sharp sudden pain, and got off of him clenching my ass.

In that second the window in Sid’s room opened and he said, “What are you…” before jumping through and finally saying, “let’s just turn on the light and chill out”.

Once we left me and Dylan spoke briefly of what happened when we had split apart from Sid, but eventually went back to his house and naturally invited Sid to spend the night. I was sleeping on a small cot in Dylan’s room when he handed me his phone with the text on the screen: WANNA GO FUCK? I replied back to him on the phone: WHAT IF SID CATCHES US, DO YOU THINK HE MAY BE INTO THIS? But Dylan replied: HE WONT, AND NO LET’S LEAVE IT BE, FOLLOW ME IN 2 MINUTES TO THE GARAGE. And I did just that.

He got up and left his room and no more than 2 minutes later was I following him actually becoming excited to be fucked for the first time. I brought my blanket with me thinking ahead so I wasn’t laying on the cold floor. I got in there and he bent me over violently and started smacking my ass.

He then pulled down my underwear and slid his dick up and down my ass crack. I told him to let me suck his so he did. I had no experience so I just tried as much as possible to keep my teeth off of his cock, but he enjoyed every bit of it as he was moaning most of the way through.

I got up and spit on my finger and started fingering my tight boy pussy to loosen it up a little. I got on my back and put my legs back and Dylan slowly inserted his thick rod into me. As he entered I felt a pressure and then a sort of tickle in my abdomen when he was all the way in. He started to pull out and a moan slipped out of my mouth.

I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted his seed in me. He started to pump hard and with each thrust the sensation started building into my stomach bringing me to complete orgasm. I was almost crying at this point because of how good it felt. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I started to cum after at least ten minutes of fucking. He started to speed up like a dog tying up with a bitch and shot a few hot streams of cum into my no longer virgin ass. I got up from the floor and went to the bathroom where I washed the cum off of my stomach and farted out the cum into my hands. I then used it to jack off right before I want to bed, and I can truly say that it was the best sex experience of my life.

All 100% true.

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