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Group sex with 5 guys

I have 5 guys who come by often to have group sex with me.

My husband gets so jealous and it was his idea in the first place.

Lately they have been forcing anal sex and it often hurts and l don’t know how to prevent it.


  1. I know this is not the greatest advice but maybe tell somebody? If its too embarrassing then i dunno if it gets that bad and they do it and you stay stop try calling the cops.
    Also, what if you talked to your husband? Im sorry about this.

  2. You have all the power.
    Tell them only two guys can come at a time.
    Then you can be a good slut for your husband and the other two guys.
    Let one guy fuck your ass, and the other guy fuck your pussy.
    Then, when they are finished, let your husband fuck you.
    Make sure that when it’s your husbands turn to fuck you, that you tease him about how good the other guys fucked you – that will make him horny and cum really intense and fast.
    I wish my wife was a good slut like you.

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