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I miss you cat

I really want to post this. This is to my cat who I’ve abandoned because I need to move 10km away across the globe.

I miss you, saying this makes me miss you more. You were my friend. You showed me, thought me what patience and selfless can be. You helped me realize the true colors of the people around me, and also mine.

You showed me what love is. Even though you can’t speak, we communicate well. You were there when I needed someone to talk to.

Half of my room, my bed was yours, but I really coming back from class seeing you carelessly laying on my bed. Or if I was late, you would be waiting at the top of the stairs.

Every time we were having dinner, you would join us. Asking us to open the back door so that you could explore the outside world. When I can’t shut my door because it was in your way ‘exploring’ the house at night.

How you are a good mice hunter.
How you won’t play unless you wanted to.
How you hated showering and gave me a hard time with it.
How you love summer.
How you look good in black collar and hated being outside.
How you really loved your snacks and won’t eat our foods.
How you would join us in the living room watching Netflix because you hated being alone.

And I left you alone. I’m so sorry. I’ve hurt you and caused you suffering because of my selfishness. My cruelty.

I hope you are in a better care now that will care and treat you better than I ever did, because you deserve it.

I miss you so much, so much that I’d wish that I didn’t take you at the first place. Precious and beautiful lily, I really hope that one day I could see you again. Thank you so much for the memories and the lessons.

I love you, Lily.

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