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I have never had a complaint ever and to have two in the same day…

I am trying to live a life of an enlightenment and not a life of resentment.

I googled a place write my thought sand came across this site.

So, let’s get in to it. I have been at my job for two years and have never really had any major problems. I have had moments of frustration due to the company is grossly understaffed at my location. I am an off line administrative employee. Which means. I main do offline work only taking call when the call centre is really over loaded in an all hands-on desk situation which is supposed to be rare but due to people transitioning out of the company in many ways. The pressure has been applied to all departments to take calls.

Even calls that they have not been trained on. Over the course the last 6 months it has progressively got worst. I have been put on the phones for either a quarter to half the time of my shift which means I am not doing my job and the work I do gets pushed to the side. It’s quite frustrating.

There are no immediate plans to hire anyone so we will continue to be under staff. So, enter the day I describe as one of the worst of my time there. So on Friday we were having a laxed day and I receive a call from one of our VP consultants and I put her on hold well so I thought to look in her inquiry which I was unfamiliar with and she was not on hold so I could be heard saying the number of calls in queue and asking my peers for the details and I proceed to tell my co-worker how many calls are in g and I joking lee say I had no idea what she was talking about because I don’t take calls like that so I was lost.

I come back and from hold and get her the answer and she proceeds later to call in and escalate the call an I am called and they don’t like my hold conversation so later that day I get a call and try to be extra careful with my tone even though there was no malicious intent on the other call.

I am extra careful not to sound unhelpful on my calls. I get another call and from the onset the lady is asking me what happened to the other person and why didn’t they call her back. I advise I can’t speak on their behalf but will be glad to help. She keeps trying to make me speak on their behalf. I try to steer the conversations to me helping her but she was not having it so the call goes downhill from there and she tries to change something on another person’s account.

I advised I need the account holder and even offer to call them but she didn’t want to take me up on the offer. She eventual hang up. Then guess what she calls and escalates and the call is reviewed. I do see how the tone could sound like I did want to help her but I was not malicious intent. I really tried to go above and beyond she just didn’t want me to help her.

I don’t even know what action will be taken but I have never had a complaint ever and to have two in the same day was just too much. I didn’t really want to argue with management I end both meetings in tears not from sadness but out of frustration. I really don’t know will happen I just hope they take in to account my careers work and don’t reduce me to two no win calls.

I have prayed about it and released it, I took today off to get out of the situation. I have no one to talk to and can’t talk to my family because I don’t want to hear the whole look for another job spill. I was trying to stay there till I get done in school and I need the health insurance for my medicine.

After I am done writing this I will release it and no longer replay it in my head and think about what is ahead. My manger was looking with disappointment but I can’t dwell on that. Like I said in the onset of this account of what happens I and I don’t want to live in resentment and bitterness.

I have forgiven myself the two ladies and the mangers for assuming that I was beeping unhelpful. I just pray I get to continue to work there for the moment. I will capture those thoughts of heaviness if they arise. I have been through many challenges and will get through this too. I am going to continue to walk in forgiveness and always look forward. I can’t wait to see all the great things I will accomplish. I will continue doing my charity work and giving back. No matter I walk through in this life I have learned that I will rise up. I will end this with my personal motto “I am a joyful purposeful woman and I am the captain of my own ship”.


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