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I called the suicide hotline again

I really hate my job. I tag clothes at a thrift store, if you’re wondering. On the surface, it’s not a very demanding job because logically, the only real challenge is knowing where to stick the tag. However, it is quite fast-paced, mainly because there are three people printing the tags. Couple that with me not always having somebody else to tag the clothes and not having enough people around to send the clothes out to the sales floor, and it makes me very miserable. Also, it doesn’t pay a lot.

Some of you may be asking why I don’t leave this job and get a better one. True, I do have a college degree, but I don’t have enough experience to break into a field of my choice. I’ve applied to several jobs, but most of them didn’t respond back even when I checked to make sure they’d received my application. One job did a phone interview, but nothing more came from that. I was lucky enough to get an in-person interview with a business that an acquaintance referred me to. However, when I called a few days later to see what my disposition was, they told me they’d hired somebody else for the position. This made me so sad that I called a suicide hotline. A few months later, I had a really stressful day at work and overheard a few co-workers talking about setbacks in their lives, which also made me feel despondent, so I called the suicide hotline again.

Despite all its drawbacks, there are a couple of positive aspects to the job. First of all, my co-workers have been very good to me. Those who haven’t are gone, never to return. One pretty young lady who works with me even gave me some hugs. Nevertheless, I remain committed to getting another job. In the meantime, I am working on a book and a music album. If nothing works, I feel like death may be the only option.

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