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I didn’t know my hymen would break

I meet this boy I knew for about one year now he and I were friend in college. We one time he made confessed that if I like him or not I said yes and he promised me he wouldn’t leave.

One we were spending alone time in college he told me where I lived I told him hall green he said same here.

After college ended I he called me over to his house then we cuddle in his bed and watched TV. We started see each other more I started going to is house more he second time I went he kissed me and he was my first kiss.

Three time I went to his he and I were half naked and were in his bed. Fourth time he fingered me then one time we had fight and I was in London trying to get over him.

He messaged back saying he sorry and he wants to see me again we met again I gave him third chance we hooked up 11 times but. He always used to ask for sex but I knew never said yes to cause the hymen never grows back that I kept on saying no.

Then he told me ok then he said I will finger you with two fingers. I didn’t know my hymen would break cause my teachers of sex health kept on saying only during sex it breaks. We were hooking up and he was fingering me with two fingers and his fingers are quite big. I moaned because it was hurting I told he was hurting but he kept on doing it telling me to relax so I let him continue.

After we were done I saw there was blood on my knickers. Then he smirked I was crying and saying you broke it he calmed me down and said everything will be all right I kissed and left his home two days later. I talked to him he said he was seeing someone else I broke I was hurt and my mum found out about my hooks up with him but not about the hymen.

He knew I am virgin so he planned all this. My cousin told my mum about my hook-ups my beaten me I wanted to die because I broke my mum. I miss him like hell I still love him and I don’t think you can ever forget your first he ruined those things that were supposed to be special for me he ruined my first sexual experiences. I feel used but thank god, I didn’t have sex with him or I would have killed myself.

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