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Worst than a nightmare.

My name is Noon. I have come here to narrate to you one story of my life which is like worse than a nightmare. It is about a person who actually never loved me nor my mother, who never cared about our happiness instead is a big selfish man, who is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met in my entire life, maybe some of you guessed it right, yes, I’m talking about my mother’s husband which I find it a big burden to call my father.

He is the worst person ever and I sincerely hate him, and I will continuously hate him. I have two sisters; one elder and one smaller. He never cared about all of us especially my mother. He used my mother for his selfish motives. He used her as a big doormat and throw her away when he wants to.

My mother left us all 2 years ago and went to stay at my grand-mother’s because she couldn’t bear that pain any longer. She was very brave for doing so and we encouraged her a lot. But as time passed- by we couldn’t live without her because we are so attached, and I decided to bring her back home, to hell.

My father who was crying day and night because he lost his wife was very happy to find her back. But only for a few months. He started being evil again and again. I was so shocked as he promised to change. Now let me tell you why he is like that. This is because of his sister which lives in our house, my aunt.

She is a devil; a bitch and she really create tiffs between my parents. Every day she talks nonsense about my mother and us to my father and my father being a stupid person, believes her. My life has become really difficult living in this house. My aunt is sixty-seven years old and she just got married last year.

We thought everything was going to change but she brought her husband in our house to even drink our blood. Now they both are forcing my father to leave my mother again. My father thinks that I am the one who is destroying his life. He told me to get lost from this house, but I am never going to give up. Hope I’ve been explicit enough sharing a little bit of my life.

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