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I have a messed up family.

I’m new here, so.

I have a messed-up family. I was an infant when my mom died, dad he wasn’t bothered so much about me. I was taken care of my aunt and my uncle (mum’s side),.

My relationship with my family is pretty sick/not healthy. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. When I was ten years old, my dad got remarried, so as I write this story I’m fourteen.

I have two step-sisters who are pretty damn irritating to me.

So back to it, I don’t particularly get treated, and my aunt hates me, she talks about her children who she says are very good.

I’m fed up with my life.

I miss my mom in these situation, cause of what I heard from my granny, she tells me that she is the greatest person of the world, she was the best.

And by far I’m not good at studies either, so that’s my major weakness.

I’m sorry if you felt this was boring, for the past half hour I’ve been thinking how to kill myself!

Thanks for coming so far if you have any thoughts, forgive me.


  1. i am sorry , you felt like killing yourself. No one has to go through that. As bad as the situations are, never give up on life. Your mom is watching over you always. Look at the night sky, she is the brightest star.Life can be hard at times. Remember that you are tough too.You will get through the darkest of the woods. There is always a paradise waiting to be found in each and every one of our lifes. Hold on to HOPE.

  2. my mother has been treated like crap for 20+ years by my father’s side and yet she didn’t give up on the family because of me. she thought about my well being and held on to this. and now BY THE GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY, i’m at a very good spot. everything will turn around my dear friend. Have Faith. I know its tough. i have seen my mother suffer and its the worst thing to see in the world. but i held on for her. your mum is watching you too. hold on for her. she’d definitely want you to have a great life. 🙂

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