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My life is ruined by my mom and her sister

I am really depressed because of the people around me. From my childhood I had no peace of mind.

Whoever I have true affection to, suddenly disappears from my life by cheating or misunderstanding me. I feel like I want to die but some sort of an inside strength holds me.

I am living calm for my younger brother, my life is ruined by not only, mom and her sister too. My mom’s sister ruined all her 3 daughters’ life too.

My mom and her sister they are really a curse to my life.

I want to cry louder than most, but I can’t share my problem to anyone around me it’s so hard to talk about what I’m going through in my life. I’m praying god to give a me a peaceful life. Sharing here may relief me some stress. This is putting too much pressure on my mind, it makes me so down.


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