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Why did I tolerate domestic violence?

I sit here all the time thinking about how I went against everything I believed in. I believe that domestic violence is disgusting and that no one should ever tolerate it. So why did I tolerate it?

Let me give you some insight of who I am. I am an emotional person. I always manage to cry when I watch a sad movie or something sad happens. Trust me though, most people wouldn’t cry at the things I cry about.

Anyways, I believe in love and I love romance movies, so maybe that has gotten to my head. I never grew up with parents that held hands or kissed so I knew I wanted that.

I am was twenty when I met him, and I had heard poor things about him. He had a kid with a different girl. I didn’t care though. We were together for a year and a half. In that time span, he tore me apart and had me go against everything I knew was wrong. He cheated on me and would even hit me and call me names. One time I showed up with bruises to work. He would make me feel like a coward. This was not the kind of relationship I wanted.

The thing was, he would do nice and caring things whenever I decided I couldn’t do this anymore. He would kiss me every time before we would fall asleep and kiss me when he got home. He would have a bubble bath ready for me when I would get home too.

However, he would hide me from his baby mom and I let him do this. He would have me park a block or more away so when she would pass by she wouldn’t know I was there.
I could go on and on about this horrible “fairy tale” but there is no time for that.

My point is that when you feel something is wrong, you run. Do not think someone will finally change one day. One day may never come. Now he will haunt me forever because my best friend is marrying his brother.

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