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I think I’m just a substitute

I think I’m just a substitute. Ever since I live in this world I’m a substitute, a second-rated person. I wouldn’t live in this world if that fortune-teller did not tell my mom that my brother would die if she wouldn’t give another sibling to him.

In school, even though I’m part of the highest section, admire by others, I’m also a substitute. Get the top ten of the class and I’m in top eleven. Get the top five and I’m on six. In sports, you can call me good but I’m just a sub because of my shyness. In my group of friends, I’m just a sub if one is missing.

Sub in my family, school, friends. Life sucks. I have this care free, peace life, but I always want to have an exciting life full of adventures like in movies you watch, but it is only a fantasy. I envy Alice to be able go to adventure early in life. And in love, I’m just a sub, boy will tell me they love me blah blah blah, but they left me hanging finding another girl. Sigh, this is so boring.

God, can you make my life interesting? Like you know, transporting into another world full of magics or have a gadget I can travel through time. Sigh, if only magics is not a fantasy.

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