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When I was 13, my mum showed me her sexy, naked body

Well I was 13 and well into puberty my cock had started to grow. Well I’d been asking the girls my age to show me there bits, well no joy so I thought I’ll ask the woman in my life, well I walked right up to her.

Mum, please show me your privates, she said no.

I begged her I said it was a big thing. Well she took her time and said okay she undid her jeans slid them down. Well her knickers had me hard knowing they were all that was stopping me seeing my first pussy.

She slowly pulled them down, wow! She was bald.

Then I saw the slit her pussy. It was amazing. Well after I had looked I had to feel it, so I put my hand on her. She said no. I wanted to. I said please. She parted her lips with two fingers and I felt her wetness and pushed my finger inside her.

She pulled my hand away. I said sorry. She went that’s a lot and turned round well she pulled her thong up and the sight of her bum was sexy.

Well I had noticed my mum was a sexy girl. I waited a bit well my cock had really grown so I walked in room with nothing on, cock swinging.

Well she goes what are you doing? Well I was showing you how I’ve grown. She went yeah.

I said your bum looks great in those pants.

She dint say anything.

Well I stroked my cock she watched as it got hard.

She went wow you are are a big boy!

I said mum, I have noticed you are a sexy girl. Fancy letting me see you naked?

She said, well okay. She takes her clothes off and leaves her bra and thong.

Well I proper looked her all over she unclipped her bra. Wow perfect tits!

She took off her thong and sort of posed.

Well I was rock hard and played with my cock while admiring my mums sexy body.

Well I exploded all over floor she smiled. You have got a big load.

Well I went back to my room. She never let me shag her or even touch me but I she is my mum.

I loved her body she showed me her sexy underwear and posed for me she knew I fancied her the tease.



  1. That is your opinion. Strange that you read it to the end. Did it make you all tingly ?

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