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My husband and I fight about money all the time

My husband and I fight about money all the time. I’m working so hard to better our financial situation and all he does is spend his money on whatever he feels like. I’ve been trying to pay off our credit cards but every time I turn around he’s maxed them out again.

If I ever bring up his spending he gets pissed off and tells me how much he regrets marrying me and other hurtful, insulting things. I wish he would just leave me already. I know he only stays because of our 16-month-old son.



  1. That sounds harsh maybe theorpy or look for a better relationship

  2. Maybe a financial counselor could be of benefit. Sometimes hearing what needs to be done from an outsider helps eliminate conflict. Also seems a Family counselor might help with handling how y’all react to one another when in disagreement and learn methods to be a team not opponents

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