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I feel defeated even though I have won the battle.

I feel alone yet I am not. I feel defeated even though I have won the battle. I have everything I could ever want and, yet I am unhappy with myself with the choices I have made.

I wish I could turn back time and erase this pain I deal with every day. Unsure of my future unsure of how to move on to the next step.

I do not know what is holding me back. I do not know what road to turn to. I am at a standpoint in my life. Where do I go from here?

23 years some more years to go.


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  1. I can relate so much. Just remember that life doesn’t last forever, so why spend it sad? Be happy about things. The future is unpredictable, so everyone’s unsure of it. As long as you have things and people to look up to and know who can help you in a time of need, you can be happy. Don’t worry, there’s always someone that cares. You’re not alone. Everything will be okay.

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