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Motivation to success in self-improvement

Motivation to success in self-improvement and life of a human.

1) always have “goals” in your life, short and long term. Motivate yourself though accomplishing those “goals”. Put “goals” higher and higher because there is no limit.

2) Goals vary form “taking your ass of a computer to get some food cause, you hungry” (short term) to “becoming an astronaut for lols” (long term)

3) People must set “goals” correctly as well as realising that other people hold deferent “goals”: e.g., I believe in God, but my friend Bob thinks our planet was created by aliens for their own reason (WE CAN HAVE PRETTY BIG DEBATE). The point is, as long as we have goals we will be growing and advancing as a creature called human! AND THAT’S WE DO GROW, EVOLVE, LIVE.

4) Nothing is impossible-just do it! It may take time, but it’s possible! Don’t even CONSIDER giving up its simply possible! you just go to do it. We can’t be afraid to fail because it is a part of learning through which we become better therefor making us grow. Our spirit/power of mind is way stronger than you think!!!!!! You use it, and feel of success of becoming better you?
tell me what you think you need to improve about yourself and I will give you my advice…

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