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He posted a morphed nude picture of me

Hi. I’m a girl. My story starts when I was in class 8. I joined a new school and on the first day itself, fell for a guy. There was something in him that attracted me. We were in the same carpool but never talked. Slowly, I made friends and best friends. In November 2013, sports practice was going on and I had to go out of town for a week. When I came back, I found out that no one was talking to me. My so called “best friend” had betrayed me. She even told my crush that I liked him. I was scared. I thought it’s over. Then we came to 9th standard. There was a guy who started liking me. I didn’t pay attention until something happened.

He wrote a letter to me and mentioned “I will be a good father and husband”. I was angry, but I chose to avoid him. He started writing more letters. I ignored. Then it was 10th standard. One day my crush messaged me. His brother who was in my class was already my friend. Then I started talking to my crush, we became friends and then confessed our feelings.

Things were going good until one day the guy who claimed to love me tried to get physical. On my refusal he created a fake account. It was just 2 months before ICSE that he posted a morphed nude picture of mine on the fake account and passed my number to random people. I used to get calls at 1 asking how much I charge for a night. I was shattered. I complained to the school, but one teacher suppressed the matter. My boyfriend talked to that guy and got the account deactivated, but bad memories didn’t fade away. I did not live with my parents. They were in a different city. I felt so helpless. At times people would follow me and one day, I was beaten and molested. I was shattered. When my boyfriend came to know, he cried a lot. He was sorry as he couldn’t help me. He became very scared and never let me go alone. He used to pick me up, drop me, stay up late to calm me down, be there when I cried and told him about my nightmares. He was always there whenever I needed him. He used to care a lot. I could not focus on studies, but he always supported me, and I ended up getting a 97 in my ICSE.

I then changed school in 11. It’s an all girl’s school. It was difficult as it was a complete change of environment. I faced a lot of problems and ended up in depression. He never left me and motivated me constantly. For him, my success was more important than his. He did everything he could, and I began feeling better.

I’m currently in 12. I still get nightmares and am scared of darkness. Me and my boyfriend have completed 30 months and love each other deeply. And right now, I’m studying to get a 99 in ISC.

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  1. I bet you were a sexy little girl weren’t you, nice little tits, teasing the boys, making them think they had a chance with you. I don’t suppose you have a copy of that picture by any chance?

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