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I’m done with life, so it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

I’m twenty and when I was thirteen developed a problem with first cutting myself. That led to drinking, smoking, and finally abusing prescription drugs.

I’ve been having weird feelings in my chest recently, so I went to the doctor. It turns out, because of all those things I now have a heart problem that has shortened my life to only a few more years.

I’m done with life, so it doesn’t matter to me anymore.


  1. I have been in that place- where there seemed to be nothing left to hold on to. I can’t tell you it gets better or easier, because I don’t know you… I will tell you this, and it’s one thing I know to be true- there is hope. If you can find one beautiful thing every day, one thing that makes you smile- there is a reason to live for that day. I have hope. And you just gave me a reason to live for today.

  2. I hope your chick because there’s nothing sexier than a dying hopeless on her way out chick that has nothing left to live for… all that’s left after that is fucking your way out

  3. There’s nothing you can do about it. And its okay.
    Life was never meant to be easy.
    Peehaps you should study about Albert camus and philosophy like optimiatic nihilism / stoicism. Its really good.

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