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Me and my uncle fuck every summer.

Hello, my name is Rodney. I am sharing with you a personal story. My dad and I always planned to go up to see my Uncle. He lived not too far from me only a few cities away.

Every summer for a least a week me and my sister were gone. For years, me and my Uncle would always sleep in the same bed. At first it was weird cause he always had his boxers on with no shirt but over the years I got used to it.

One night it was around 3 am I woke up after feeling the urge to go piss really bad. I see my uncle turned the other way hunched over. I was thinking he was sleeping but when I got up he freaked and said what the hell I thought you were sleeping to my surprise he was jerking off and at the same time I got hard. It was awkward, but I thought he didn’t notice I went out pissed and came back in the room he still had his cock out and he whispered over you have a nice cock.

I said thanks but awkward turned the opposite way he started touching me and since I was already horny I grabbed his cock and wanked it just to please him he jerked me off too and sooner or later he bent me over and went to town on my asshole it felt weird going in my ass but after a while I liked it I pushed against his force and let his wide thick cock tear me open.

He pulled out and gave me a facial. I was so happy and ever since that day I knew I was gay and me and my uncle always fucked every summer.

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