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When you run out of air

Well, ages ago I was at my caravan sight. All of my friends were there, so on the third day of me there, one of my friends locked me and my other friends in the arcade that is there. Slowly we were running out of air, and I was begging him to let us out, but he didn’t care he just carried on laughing.

Slowly but surely, I began to not be able to breathe and I started to cry. So, my friend let all of us out and then I ended up choking him because I was that mad and the whole thing where I couldn’t breathe made me mad (like crazy).

And I ended up running away sobbing trying to get more air into my mouth since I couldn’t breathe that well.

Soon enough, I began to breath normally again and I looked around the corner and he was vomiting because of me.

– from a girl who hates her past

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