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How easy it was for him to trick me!!

How easy it was for him to trick me!!

His lies made me see the truth… he used to study in my class. I never quite liked him because he always gave an impression that he was over smart.

When he was asked by our teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, he simply smirked and said, ma’am, I am a ship with a rudder. I remember till today how much that answer had disgusted me as I was always very focused and industrious.

He had something in him which made the girls of our class attracted towards him except me and my best friend. He was never good in studies but was the football team captain of our class. In fact, he was so famous that boys of other sections wanted to be in his team.

The boys used to play football while the girls used to play badminton. By girls I mean only my best friend and me. As all the other girls used to see him play in his black t-shirt which he used to carry so that he did not sweat in his school shirt . I used to despise him a lot especially because of all the attention he used to get. in fact, I used to wonder how his girlfriend would feel.

One fine day a text came in my phone which said, “my heart beats for you”. I got so excited as that was my first year in a co-ed school. I had always thought that I was not beautiful enough and there was this secret admirer of me! I started feeling so special that I called up two of my best friends and told them about the text.

Even they started thinking who could that be? I was never comfortable speaking to boys. The sender maintained his anonymity by saying that he would not reveal himself till I said at least 3 names. I don’t know why but the only name I took was of the person I hated the most, preparing myself for two more random names so that I lose, and he tells me his name as soon as possible.

But as my fate goes, it was my first pick and the sender himself. I heard him saying how did you guess it? Do you love me too?? I could not believe my senses. Although I hated him so much the fact that the most famous guy of our school was in love with a nerd and unattractive person like me simply amazed and fascinated me.

Since that day I started dating him. My teenage life felt so beautiful. I was so happy with him. Although I had become the girl many gorgeous ladies would pay a million just to see me get killed. He always stood for me. He kissed me like I was a princess, his eyes mesmerized me, he touched every part of me and I allowed him to as I wanted him to be my life partner cause that’s what he reciprocated too!

The studious and ever honest me was now gone. I always used to call him or text him, lied to my parents to see a movie with him, practically stopped talking to all other guys, always informing him before I went anywhere. I stayed at home all throughout durga Puja as he had fractured his leg and could not enjoy.

I had become blind in his love. At all cost I wanted him to be with me. I knew for myself that I had lost my independence, I had lost the headstrong nature I had. Yet I did not feel sorry for it… Until one fine day I discovered that I had been cheated all along and that too the girl was my own best friend.

The story is long, it’s painful. I just realised that day that I had to grow up. That day I had lost my boyfriend, my best friend and also my stupid gullible nature. That day I knew I had to grow up, start working hard if I wanted to pass my final exam. I came closer to my family, started telling them the truth.

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  1. the same thing happened with me, I used to love a boy so much I forgave him so many times because I use to think that he must have changed but I never knew that he always lied

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