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I am thinking too low about myself

I am thinking too low about myself.

Thinking what is happening around this few days. It feels like something wrong, that I can’t even explain.

Feels like I’m on a bottom of a rock, which is nowhere to be found. I don’t even know if this is right? But not even a friend who tries to console me. Differ from that it is just unlikely me, nothing less, nothing more.

Past is all I think to give. This feels like dropping a memorable thing, that I would be crazy to find it.

With this feeling that I have within for so long. Thinking even a glimpse of myself in that past seems to be very sad, in the moment that I am trying to be happy or what you call trying to be back who I am, trying to be a better me.

Thinking of it makes me stupid, why do things fall apart? Why things would not come to my presents. Every time a friend would ask a tiny little question about their problems, it feels like I’m on a MISS UNIVERSE which you will not know the question neither the answer, I would not know if I’m saying the right thing to that person, or thinking that what I said was a disaster.

Thinking of my self-was a fool out of a trash can, which people will avoid it.

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