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My Life Honestly Sucks!!


I’ve never wished so much in my life, to be able to switch lives with someone else in this world.

My whole life my family has been tainted by this ugliness that hangs over our heads like clouds. No matter how much good we do for other people and the community as soon as one person does something wrong in my family, the community is quick to hash up the past and hold it over us even though the person they are referring to, have been dead longer than ten years.

Honestly we don’t have much but what we do we do our best with, my aunties will give you the shirt off their backs, just because my family aren’t at the local pub socializing and spending all their money on alcohol and gambling we are labelled THAT FAMILY that think they are too good for this town, when in reality everyone is working trying to pay off their debts, put food on the table and trying to save so we can have quality family holidays, is that illegal.

I guess why my life really sucks at the moment is because I just came home after working aboard for a year and within the first two months of my return my home was raided by police, three family members were arrested and now my whole family is under scrutiny for something that only involves a minority, I feel like I’m on big brother being watched and heard at every turn. It doesn’t help that it seems like my while family is being targeted, I feel like every time I apply for a job I’m being judged on my last name and not the experience and qualifications I CAN OFFER.

SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO END MY LIFE!! It’s hard being home in a town where everyone knows who are and are secretly talking shit behind your back, I just have to keep the important things front and centre and stop dwelling on the negatives. EASIER SAID THEN DONE THOUGH. :/

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