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I hid from my father while at a boys house

Today I am going to share that how I am slander in the society. The story begins when I was in 8th standard. I had a crush on a boy, but he used to like another girl so for his happiness I play the role of cupid between them, but that girl was very mean, rude and full of attitude, so he changed his mind and love to stay single, so I confess that I am in love with him and we started dating each other. After a month he behaved weird with me. He used to always shout at me, blamed me for all the things. One day he crossed his limits and asked me for my nude pictures that time only we broke up. My parents came to know about him. I was depressed and won’t able to understand what to do so I ran from home, but my parents bring me back and changed my school. That time everybody makes fun of me and I was slander in the society.

In class 9 I took my admission in new school. That time I love to stay alone. I was very depressed, don’t want to eat anything, don’t want to talk to anyone. I really became a very insolent. Any how I passed class nine but ya as a failure because till class 8 I was the topper of the class but in 9 I didn’t score any rank, so all students started teasing me and even my friends also.

In class 10th one of my friend told that there is a guy who likes you. I told him that I am not interested, and I don’t thrust anymore in relationships, but he was telling that he is a good guy and give your life a second chance, so I accepted his proposal and we started dating each other.

After few days I also found that he is really good and really cares for me. He gave me my smile back. We spend lots of lovely moment. I would never forget that kiss that hug that feel they are so special for me.

Everything was going very well but after two months twelve days an incident happened with me.

He told me that there nobody in his house, so I should come into his house. When I was going there somebody saw and told my father. My father came to his house to see me, but he hides me, so my father cannot have found me. He gets me off from his back gate of the house, but my father caught me. He told me that he is ashamed of me. He told that I will not go to school but anyhow I told him that I that I will go to school, but I promised my father that I will not do all this thing again.

Society has got one more chance to slander me. I thought that I would talk to him after board but after telling my father. My father was telling that he is not a good guy he used to change girls as we change our dress. I just want to say that please don’t cheat on me because I really love you and want to stay together forever.

I love a lot and it’s killing me.

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