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One day my friend pushed me into him

This boy likes me, and I like him. And my ex-best friend has told most of my year in high school. She is my ex-best friend because she has been bullying my friend since primary school and it’s still going on but me and my friends were backing up the person who is getting bullied and because she was bulling my friend that made her think of suicidal things and she started cutting herself.

So anyway, I text the boy but at school it is so hard to talk to him because there are boys around him and I don’t want my friends to know that I like him, and he likes me because if a boy and girl hang out everyone thinks that the boy and girl are together which if you ask me is messed up.

I don’t get why when I’m with the boy who likes me I don’t feel lonely but if I am with a group of friends I feel lonely and lost. He makes me feel wanted and that’s something I wouldn’t ever change. We are I different forms, but I try so hard to always see him or bump into him.

One day my friend pushed me into him and then he bumped me, and he said that it was his friend but later in the day I asked, and he confessed and said that he did it himself. My friend who knows that I like him and that he likes me said that he shows off in front of me, I asked him yesterday and he said that he doesn’t show off in front of me, but he shows off in front of my friend and he doesn’t know and that made my mood from lonely to upset. I have only one best friend and that is sadness.


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