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Will there ever be a way to change?

Emotions for today.
I’m so tired of everything. Let me get to the point really quickly.
I watched Sword Art Online, finished it and I’m wondering if the nerve console thing is going to exist in the future. But seriously, I can’t wait. I see that technology isn’t advancing as most people want it to. There’s this year bullshit, PlayStation 5, iPhone X, which is cool but still not good enough for some people. Including me. I watch the unrealistic stuff and I believe life would be way better if the things that can happen in a fantasy anime or show or even movie.

I already stated that I love the nerve everything, from sword art online, next we’ve got teen wolf, a tv show. I’m not saying that it’d be perfect if those supernatural creatures actually existed, but the friendships, the relationships and everything else is so good there. It is hard to achieve, maybe even impossible. we all gotta admit real life sucks.

I am feeling desperate, bored and I do not know what to do anymore. It’s the same thing over and over again.
Waking up, school, homework, gym, and sleep.


Everyone is out of options here.

What I mostly want is the nerve gear from the anime, with limits of course.
You can play for 24 hours, if you go past those 24 hours the nerve gear itself disconnects you from the game.
Every game made by other creators will be tested by the nerve gear creators to confirm that it is not a threat to our minds.
I already thought of the time limit so no one will like, die, or anything silly like that.
People in the past expected us to have some spectacular things with our advanced technology but instead we have some shit fidget spinners and more amount of hentai than the water in Africa. Not that it has anything to do with technology but whatever.

Anyway, back to MYSELF.

I can’t stand not being able to do anything anymore. I have a best friend, but we can’t do anything together that will remain as memories forever because of freakin money,
especially in my country, Greece, there’s nothing you can do really.

The best we could think, that’s economical too, is going to an escape room but that didn’t happen either, because my dad was freakin asleep and my parents don’t let me go outside on my own. Sure, I get that the whole world is dangerous but come on I’ve got larger biceps and muscles in general than my dad. I used to do judo and kick boxing (didn’t even want to my parents forced me into those sports) but 8 months ago I started going to the gym willingly (fortunately).

Anyway. this a very messed up text, there’s no proper start nor a proper end (not yet at least). First, I talk about the nerve gear and then I instantly move on to myself but THAT DOESN’T MATTER.
My point is most people, especially in this generation, we can’t do shit, so maybe you scientists get your ass onto business, maybe think of something that will make life interesting without needing money for it. Maybe something like combining DNA of animals and humans to see the results, but of course you will need your own human guinea pig for that.

Or maybe create the damn nerve gear and some safe games so we can enjoy life as it is NOT.
I can see war coming.

Terrorists, Kim Jong un, Donald Trump.
Come on this is the damn apocalypse, not even world war 3.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I’m even typing this, it’s to help myself, really.
I am helping myself by explaining my emotions into a text and then showing it to other people to tell me their opinions, maybe I’m crazy or retarded.

If you’re saying I should’ve talked to my parents or siblings or my friends about it.
No No No that’s a huge No.

If I talked about it with my parents or my sister they’d definitely call me a retard, and that I haven’t gotten a taste of life yet, well about the last part my sister wouldn’t say that.
Well I should’ve said this in the beginning of the text but, I’m 13.
Okay, maybe life gets interesting without all these things, once you grow up.
What about childhood and teen years though, do we have to wait?
Schools feel like jail to all of us students, we learn nothing useful and supposedly the only way to have a bright future is not to drop class and study shit that will never come in handy. Like x+(205-x31) and shit like that.
And I’m even unluckier I live in Greece and I’m forced to learn how to speak ancient Greek.
I mean am I supposed to talk in ancient Greek once I go for shopping or what the hell?

What about history, who the fuck talks about history these years, or who cares about it. Okay actually maybe some do care about it but why do we have to learn those useless things?

This is all a question for life, God, the Universe, or the creator of the damn universe or that even the whole milky way was created the same way humans make other humans
”the big BANG” aint that a bit ironic.
And the fact that to get a partner (as in relationship) you have to be either ripped or have nice hair and blue eyes. No, I’m not only talking about the girls to be honest, its same for us guys, well not for me to be honest, and not for some of the girls that are out there. but why are they so difficult to find huh? Of course, even I know it that I shouldn’t be talking about relationships since I basically have a lot of time for that, but come on. It would definitely make life interesting.
But with this face I can’t go anywhere.

Anyway, I didn’t know that the text would be so long, I probably expressed all my emotions that I’ve had for years. not for the day only.

If you read my text so far, thanks I guess. Unless you call me a freak at the end.

I need all of you that read this text to tell me if I have a point or not.
This is not supposed to be the meaning of life right?? TELL ME.

I used to have friends that pretend to be people they aren’t, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Yes. I tried to help but it did not work. This is how desperate we have become. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m acting like another fictional character right now. Maybe it was my goal and now I can’t even notice, this happened to another friend of mine, now she’s out there not knowing who she really is.

So, these are the last words for this huge text.

Will there ever be a way to change?



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