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This is a beautiful story about a King Queen

This is a beautiful story about a King and a Queen. So, let me start this story like all other stories.

Once upon a time there lived a king who was very young and energetic. And there also lived a Queen who was very pretty and beautiful. Both King and Queen were studying in the same college. One day King goes for a round and notices the beautiful Queen in another class. Without wasting any time King proposes Queen by sending a text message since he was afraid as well as shy to propose directly. Queen orders King to come in front of her and then talk. King was now afraid to the core however meets queen next day after class.

Queen asks-what?
King says-you asked me to meet you today so am here. What did you decide?
Queen: I have not decided yet
King: chuckles
Both depart from there and King texts her again next day. Queen again says I need some time to decide. After two weeks Queen says OK to Kings Proposal. King was now the happiest man in the world. He just could not wait to go to college next day.

Two semesters gets over and now King and Queen were in the same class. King started concentrating on Queen more than his subjects. King was also a very very possessive man who could not even tolerate if Queen spoke to any boys.

King was not the only person who liked Queen. There was a silent boy in a different class who liked Queen too, but he never dared to approach her may be because of the King.
There was one more Sick who was trying for Queen. Once Sick had given a letter to the Queen during a lab and also told she had nice hair which is true because Queen had beautiful long hair. King was trying to get a chance to fight with Sick and yes he did get a chance and catches his neck and tries to push him from the first floor. Fight ends there and then Sick becomes silent after that.
Once again everything was going well and so a year passed just like that.
King and Queen always used to travel in the bus together and also sit together in the college bus.

Next year their love was getting stronger and stronger and then came a twist. King was living in a strict relative’s house where he was not allowed to talk to anyone late night on the phone. But Queen was living in the college hostel.

One night, King and Queen were happily chatting with each other. Suddenly King receives a text message from Queens roommate informing that the Queen was talking to someone on the phone and was talking in a different language. (Warning #1)

King: Please do not lie because I am chatting with her right now.
Roommate: I thought I should inform you, so I did. If you do not believe me try ringing her phone now.
King gives a call immediately and notices that the Queens number was busy. Queen calls back to King and says: What happened?
King: Whom were you speaking to?
Queen: My uncle
King: In a different language?
Queen: Yes, since he is not basically from our place.
King: Alright good night love you.

King sends a text to roommate now scolding her saying he knows his Queen very well.
Roommate says: OK try ringing her phone again.

King rings her immediately and was left in a shock when he notices that the Queens number was busy again. King being a very possessive man decides to break up for the lie. Hence sends her a text saying I hate to lie and so I hate you.

Next day roommate walks up to the King and says you did the right thing because there are many other things which Queen does on the phone at night and it is not just one day. King was totally heartbroken. King did not speak to Queen that whole semester.

Another semester starts and one fine day after class Queen follows the King and also steps into the same bus which King does. Also sits beside him.
Queen: Am sorry.
King falls for the Queens trap and they become one again.
Another year passed very well and now King and Queen were in the third year.

Everything was going fine. One day King receives a call from his friend.
Friend: King I saw your Queen talking to someone at this place and I was travelling in the bus. I do not think it was you whom she was talking to. So, thought I should inform you.
(Warning# 2)
King: Thank you
King rings Queen and asks, where are you?
Queen: Hostel room.
King: Am done with you.
Once again King does not talk to Queen. But King could not resist watching Queen since they were in the same class. Therefore, very soon they became one again.
Another year passed. Finally, King and Queen were in the final year and everything was going very well.
Last semester of the college all the students decide to go for a trip. And so, the trip begins. King and Queen sits together in the bus. Half way went good until Queen receives a phone call but refuses to talk in front of the King. Now the King gets angry and says receive the call and put on speaker please. Queen is very nervous but had no choice.

She picks up the call and says who are you sorry I do not know you. King takes the phone angrily and says: who are you? She says she does not know you.
Caller: She knows me very well and I too know her very well. Let her come in front of temple and tell that she does not know me. (Warning# 3)

King slaps Queen tight in the bus and gets off the bus goes in search of a bar and then has one full beer and a pint in 10 minutes for the first time so fast and runs to the corner of some fort and cries loud out. Comes back to the bus and sits at the front near the driver for the rest of the travel. A trip to remember huh.
Once again he broke up but could not stay alone for many days. Yes, they became one again.
King and Queen enjoyed their last year and it was time to go home and say good bye to each other.
Queen got a job in a different place and King was in a different place. King had very little trust on Queen and hence decided to break up forever. But Queen promised King to meet every weekend and promised to live with him until her last breath.

Job started and King and Queen even after living in a different place continued their love by meeting every possible time. But King always wanted Queen to be right next to him. Hence after a year King referred Queen to the same place where he was working and yes, she was in. King was now the happiest man in the world and both lived their life happily.

It was already 7 years King and Queen have been together since college and so they decide to get married to each other.
It was 3 months for the wedding and It was Queens birthday. Unfortunately, Kings close friend’s wedding was on the same day. Hence King decides to attend his friend’s wedding this year since he can celebrate Queens birthday every year after marriage. Friends marriage was over, and the King was back. King and his family started shopping for the wedding and yes, he finishes his shopping before three months. Also finishes printing his marriage invitation card before 60 days for the wedding. King and his parents go to temple and gives the first card to the priest there and priest says I shall keep this card in front of god and he will take care of the rest. King and his parents decided to distribute the cards before 30 days of the wedding.

It was exactly 50 days for wedding and suddenly Queen calls King and starts crying and saying please do not leave me please. King was surprised to hear that and asked her what was going on?
Queen: There is a boy who is blackmailing me. He will call you and start telling you stories please do not believe him and please do not leave me and continues to cry.
King: Please do not cry. I know you would not do any such mistakes so do not worry and disconnects the call.
He does get a call the next minute who starts saying his beautiful story. King keeps listening to him for more than 30 minutes and also had received 100 miss calls from Queen during that time.

Affair also says that Queen had met him during her birthday this year when King was out of town and they had a cake cutting as well as something else in his room. Also, that they always used to meet in the same room.
At the end King says I don’t believe a word what you said. I need proof for whatever you just spoke and disconnects.
King receives lot of romantic chat screenshots, affair’s gallery screenshot which had multiple Queens selfies and the birthday cake cutting photos and an audio where Queen is begging affair not to tell anything to the King and for that she is ready to do whatever he says and is ready to meet him secretly after wedding too.
King Calls Queen and asks is it true what he said about meeting in the room and Queen bursts out crying accepting the mistake and asking to forgive.
King: I can’t believe am finally done with you. Continues to scold and shout until his tears are empty.
It’s been many months now and Kings wedding shopping things are still locked in the cupboard. King has a very weak memory and that is the main reason he decided to write his story so that even if years pass by he can just lookback to this story to know what has happened in his life. I wish even this story ended like all other story but sorry it is not.
And then King never ever lived happily.

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  1. Do not be discouraged. Let it go. There is a Queen out there that will cherish your devotion. It was good to write your story. But end that toxic relationship for good. Your life is ahead of you. Make it happy.

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