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Depression makes you want to end your life

My appearance makes me scared to go out be who I want to. I’m still young. I ‘m still a kid and I don’t want to live my life as an ugly person. Now I don’t want to get surgeries, but I think I’m so ugly I’m embarrassed to even go to school some days. I get told I’m ugly.

I’ve been told so many times I even say it. I mean it is true…right? I’ve always wanted to be accepted. I’m not. I think with how my personality is and my appearance – how it all adds up is probably why I have depression. I’ve heard people say they want depression – to get the attention.

Depression is horrible. Depression makes you want to end your life. Because you feel so lost and empty so ugly and sad… so… so… melancholy. I think I got a bit off topic but what I’m trying to say is that how many times I’ve been told I AM pretty I know its lies. I can easily tell when someone’s lying. Appearance sucks. It really does.

I think the humans on this world need to learn and appreciate the world of other beauty of here. Nature, The Elements. Science. Education. But no. And I know there’s people out there who DO see the TRUE beauty. I’ve been so shown through with the hatred from people I can no longer see beauty…beauty in me. It’s all gone. Though everyone else is amazing. I’m just one person in the whole dang earth! I really wanted a fun life.

I’m only 11. I feel like I should be who I want to be not because of what I look like. But my brain and heart are saying two different things.


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  1. Dear beautiful person,

    Don’t ever think you’re less than someone else because you’re not. You have the gift of making a difference in this tarnished world, all you need is self belief.
    So to build on self belief, you need to stop thinking and start doing!

    Just remember that everyone has their own insecurities about themselves and you’re not alone.

    I was in your shoe once, where i felt like nothing mattered anymore but one day..i decided i didn’t want to feel like this anymore so i started changing my habits and wanted to prove everyone wrong so bad and that is exactly what i did 🙂

    This is only a fraction of your story, make it a better one!

    The way to get out of this never ending feeling is to start believing your worth and that you are just as deserving to be here in this world like everyone else.

    Don’t let anyone drag you down, channel these emotions and it will make you stronger.

    Don’t listen to what anybody else thinks and carry on being you, that is the path to happiness within yourself.

    True beauty is by being your unique and fabulous self and nothing less.

    You are not alone!!

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