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Nothing burns like the cold

You feel utterly grieved when someone close leaves or when you lose a person in life forever. But what do you do when you seem to have lost yourself. Do you pity yourself or do you let that emptiness eat you up or do you stand there dumb feeling nothing but numb?

Do you often find yourself gawking at the city’s bustle waiting to hear that one voice, that one word, or that one sound to snap you out, snap you out of your brimming blues?

Do you find yourself seeking comfort in your discomforts? Because you know no one’s reaching out for you, and maybe it’s the best to get familiar with your own lonely self.

You decide to walk down the cold city murky lanes to find yourself again and so you don’t just walk alone this time you walk with your story held together in your hands.

With every candid detail scribbled on the papers and the papers crammed against your palms, you make a run because you don’t want it to be too late. As you scutter panting through the narrow streets you realize your palm’s sweat has made the ink on paper runny. Just as the words dissolved you too have seemed to lose yourself bit by bit.

It’s true what they say that ‘nothing burns like the cold’ and it’s cold again.

No I can’t fight myself within anymore, I’m battered I’m bleeding, I’m knocking on heaven’s door…


  1. This is my first time on this site and reading this just brought me to tears, how much I relate and it hurts to know someone else feels this pain. It’s exhausting fighting the battles in your head. It’s like your mind can never be silenced. Just know that theres someone out there who knows your pain and hopes you build up the strengh to win this fight.

  2. ^ means a lot, thank you. I’m a 22 year old girl and i learnt this recently in life that it is always better to acknowledge your pain, anxiety, insecurities and the reasons behind them from a third person’s perspective. Because in that moment of frenzy one is tempted to believe that he/she is crazy to have had struggled with so many contradicting thoughts. i resorted to writing my feelings down whenever i felt a certain way and here I’m sharing my story anonymously :)…

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