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I am a joyful purposeful woman, I am the captain of my own ship

I am here to clear my soul and spirit and not hold on to the prior week. I forgive myself for not living up to my own expectations and getting frustrated about being gated for calls even though I know it’s coming.

I forgive my lead R#####& for coming over the other day with that condescending attitude and calling it a pep talk, I am so over it and release it. I forgive my Super for singling me out the other day and only coming to check on my work and then proceeding to do a side by side out the blue.

I saw right through her ulterior motives. I forgive the management of A###@@@ for not valuing their employees. I forgive myself for letting my emotions get the best of me. I will continue to look up and succeed at getting my insurance License, so I can start a new career and travel the world. This forgiveness campaign must continue in order me to succeed. I release these bad experience

“I am a joyful purposeful woman, I am the captain of my own ship”


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