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My Friends Mum….

Many years ago, my friend’s dad told his wife that I was hung like a horse. My friend and his dad used to go to football on a Saturday. I went around to see him, and his mum opened the door and said he had gone out with his dad. She said come in I want to ask you something, so I went inside, and she said my old man tells me you have a big one, is that true? I said I think so, she said can I see? I said if you look you have to try, she said I was hoping you would say that. I let her look and she said bloody hell I did not think it would be that big.

I forgot to tell you it is 11 inches long and 6 inches around. She said you will have to go easy I’m not too sure now that I have seen it. We went to her bed, I was already hard by then and she was ready. I slowly started to put it in inch by inch very slowly. I got it nearly all the way in when she said I do not think I can take it all, I said we will take it easy and see so I kept going slowly but putting a little more in each time.

We got belly to belly and then got down to real enjoying ourselves, she even got to the stage where she got on top. We had a great time. It turned out to be a regular Saturday thing for the rest of the football year.

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  1. Six inches round? Come on man your Dickso is small you are confusing it with your leg. Lame….. flush!!!

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