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I think I am going to commit suicide

I think I am going to commit suicide, otherwise I am possibly going crazy. My head is full of suicidal thoughts. It goes on every day. I am so useless living in this world, so depressed. I quit school in last semester without telling my family.

I confine myself in my room in the boarding house. I keep away from other people. And then I become afraid of facing people around me. Isn’t it better to kill myself?

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  1. I hope I am not too late. No, it is not better to take your life. There is always something to live for, even though you may not see it at the moment. There is good hidden behind every dark thing in the world, and even though you may not see it right now, it would do you injustice to take that chance away from future you. Stay here, just keep going day by day.

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