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I’m 30, almost divorced father of three who is unemployed

I’m going through a divorce with kids involved. I feel like I have lost everything… I don’t know how to move on.

She found someone days after we called things off and now I have to watch her be happy and in love with someone when I feel alone. I spent a month desperately trying to find someone else to distract me from the pain. But what I found makes me feel empty and broken. Like I am not capable of love or passion anymore. I thought being with someone else would make me feel better… it would help me to gain confidence again as I have a lot to offer, but it did not.

Now she is going to move out with the kids and move in with him and I am terrified of being left alone. I don’t know what to do I have nothing else. I feel like I have failed at life in every aspect. Now I am 30 about to be divorced father of three who is unemployed… what kind of life can I possibly hope for at this point. All my dreams are gone. All my hope is gone.

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