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Everyday, I feel more and more tired

I feel extremely homesick. I miss my family. I miss the only people who love and care about me no matter what happened. I’ve gotten so distant from them and I feel it increasing little by little and I’m scared that one day, I’ll be too far to reconnect with them. I feel everyday more…

What’s on my mind?

What’s on my mind? That we constantly, constantly, have to think. I’ve thought about having to think, so hard, that I can lose my focus… and it’s damn near pushed me to insanity. It’s like the human brain is hooked up to a learning machine, by aliens somewhere… just to learn.

To be honest, I was disgusted as fuck

I’m a twenty-three years old gay dude. A little background story before this, I dated my first guy in the 1st year of High school. He was super cute but after a few weeks later, I realized that he was an abusive bastard. I mean, he used to claim to me that he was straight…

I can’t connect with people.

I’m in a point on my life in which I can’t find a way to connect with people. I feel so left out in social events or situations. My low self-steem and my opinion about certain issues have made me anti-social. Can anyone relate? Or at least understand?

I wish suicide was not a sin

I wish suicide was not a sin…. Nobody could resist myself from doing that…. I was born to be used by people and to be a subject to their whim??? One kind of insecurity feeling is overwhelming me…. I’m really not sure what to do with life…  

What will my family do if I die?

I am totally disappointed with myself in life. I always wanted to be someone who would help everyone around, be someone who can turn to get some relief. But I have failed. Falling to my addictions, wasting, not taking care of things properly on time. I work at top notch company where I do get…