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The people who I am around on a daily makes my life stressful

I am a thirteen-year-old girl from Baltimore, MD who has a difficult life. The people who I am around on a daily makes my life stressful.

I live with my aunt, her boyfriend, her two kids, and her grandchild.

First, I will be describing my aunt, she is a very big help but when her oldest child comes around she turns her back on me and make jokes about me being in relations with girls. My aunt previously told me that I was not born to do that and that it is not okay to date the same gender as mine. Her oldest child laughed as she was telling me this, I suddenly felt torn, betrayed, and UNIMPORTANT.

Now, I will be describing the “oldest child”, she is what people in my community calls a “bitch”. She always makes me feel less relevant than I am by attempting to put me out of her mom’s house and always talking about me and my mother like we are trash. I have zero respect for her cause she has none for me. She doesn’t treat me like a human, it’s like I am Cinderella in that house. I loved that movie, but never before have I thought that’s who I would become but just without the nice pretty dress.

I wish I could talk to someone, but I know all my family will do is take me as a joke. I want to just be in a room and throw everything around, scream, and hit whatever I see to relieve all this anger I have deep down inside.

Nobody would ever know this is how I feel about them because I cover it with a smile.


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