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My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine: I change into a hood because I feel insecure about my body. I try not to eat breakfast, so I can lose weight. I brush my teeth and brush my hair. I look in the mirror “wow I’m ugly” “my face is too fat and ugly”. I go to school, afraid to…

I paid £300 odd pounds for a personal trainer

I just thought I’d come on here to let my thoughts out. Honestly, my life is good. If people knew my life they’d ask why I’m complaining but honestly, I’m that girl that smiles and is always happy. I keep my thoughts to myself. Lately, I’ve just been feeling down and I don’t know what…

I scratched my legs with my nails

I don’t know how to start because I’m full of regret and I’m so embarrassed. Last year, I scratched my legs with my nails. it left scars. UGLY SCARS. and I don’t think they would go out and I’m really depressed. So, I’m asking if my scars can get healed or at least get better….

I need a blessing

I need a blessing. Feel like giving up again. Already beaten my Anxiety and my Society Phobia. It’s just that my Depression is coming back. I’m insecure about my appearance, the way I look. I just want this acne to be cured. Its irritating.

I am not a beautiful person in any way

I am not a beautiful person in any way. Honestly, I never have been. Sure, maybe now I can coo at my kiddie picture but back then my thoughts were the beginning stages of what they have become now. As a child, I’d look to my peers and my favourite dolls who had fairer skin…

It hurts

I am a girl and at the age of fourteen I was diagnosed with PCOS and I bleed almost daily. Am almost 29 now. I have tried different medicine but none works for me. I also have a large forehead which I need a hair transplant but I don’t have the money. I also have…

I weigh over three hundred pounds

I weigh over three hundred pounds. I try daily to be something I am not and that is pretty. That is also, a great Mom, friend, person. I also think, if only I can lose this weight I can be the person everyone thinks I am or the person everyone thinks I can be. I…

Depression makes you want to end your life

My appearance makes me scared to go out be who I want to. I’m still young. I ‘m still a kid and I don’t want to live my life as an ugly person. Now I don’t want to get surgeries, but I think I’m so ugly I’m embarrassed to even go to school some days….

I just want to leave

Hello, I noticed how I always want to change myself. I’m always finding new ways to look different or be different. I just think that no one likes me. And I actually think it’s true because people always give me dirty looks. Whenever I do these little changes, I end up hating myself even more….

I am 27 years old and I have a medical condition

I am 27 years old and I have a medical condition called Polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes me to lose hair something similar to male pattern baldness. I also have excessive hair on my chin. There is a guy in my office that I love but he does not like me because I am ugly….

I want a helping hand

I am a person who has been called ugly as well as handsome, but I know I’m ugly. I have big eyes, small forehead, long brows, scarred nose, lower jaw prosthesis, broken tooth, am short, have a dark complexion, have a hairy body, am weak. I am 18 and embarrassed to say that I’ve never…

How I wish to change my body

Year after years… How I wish to change my body but I feel stuck. I tried to commit exercising, but it seems hard. I’m not good prioritizing my time and always make excuses why I can’t do it. I realized I’m just fooling myself. I didn’t know how to love myself. I always compare myself…

I never really had the opportunity to be pretty

I never really had the opportunity to be pretty. In elementary school, I always had fantasies about one day becoming pretty enough to turn heads and be a person who could look good in a photo, for a change. It would have been nice to look at ANY of my old photos and thought, “Aw!…

I have a port wine stain on my face

I’m an eighteen-year-old high school student who has a port wine stain on my face. A port wine stain is a red or purple birthmark. It sits on the right side of my nose, so who doesn’t see it when they talk to me? I was born with it and I’ve learned to live with…