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What should I do?

So there is this girl that I have been recently talking to through the internet. I have known her for about a year, and I am starting to like her. I see her regularly in class, but I have not had a conversation with her, even though we sometimes sit close to each other. I…

Tell here or not?

There is a girl that i really like and want to ask out, but she currently has a boyfriend and has been with him for about 2 years. Should i say that i like her or just leave it. What should i say to her, if anything?

Sister walks in my room nude

I don’t know why, but my 14 year old sister for some reason comes out of the shower and into my room with no clothes on and asks me a questions about something when she is completely nude. She only does it when our parents are not home. She leans in the doorway and talks…

Should I get Back Together?

I just wanted to know if anyone can help me if this was the right thing to do..i was 3 months old with my girlfriend and well i got jealous of a friend of his cause it was her ex..and my girl still loved him..afterwards she told me she didnt talk to him at ALL…