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What the fuck is wrong with my life?

What the fuck is wrong with my life? Nothing is going well. Everything is just falling. I just want to die. I hate every fucking thing nothing nice can really happen in my life…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to tell them about my suicidal thoughts

I feel like I have depression but it’s not a family matter, its more about my friends. They still talk to me normally however I feel left out in this group of four people (including myself). I will always be behind them when we are walking together and sometimes they left me behind. I feel…

I hooked up with my childhood friend

I hooked up with my childhood friend and now I don’t know if our friendship is going to be effected by this. I think I’m going to lose another friend. I hope everything remains same and I don’t get any kind of feelings. Can anyone help me with this situation?

When my dreams are in hell

Hello. My name does not matter and my age, or anything about me. But my story needs to be shared. I do not have a mental illness or anything like that. My story goes like this. First time when I dreamed something wicked was when I was about two years old. I dreamed snakes, all…

He knows all your pain and struggle.

I just want to say, that God is good all the time. Even when you can’t feel it, even when you don’t believe in Him. He still there, watching you, waiting for you to reach Him. Even when things went bad, really bad. I just want to remind you that killing yourself doesn’t solve your…

I’ve never felt calm.

I’ve never felt happy. I’ve never felt at ease. I’ve never felt calm. I’m lying. I’ve felt all of these things. Which makes the loss of them hurt even worse?

I lost my virginity that night

My mother came in my room to say good night, leaning over me I could smell her perfume and just wanted her to leave so I when I was 16 could masturbate as I was really excited throwing off my sheets. I masturbated to an explosive climax. Probably a minute later she is at my…

I’m very happy with my relationship

My boyfriend (my first) and I have been together for a little over 4 months now and I feel like we’re going to last more than that. I can’t picture him out of my future and I just can’t imagine us being apart. At present, I’m very happy with my relationship, although there are some…

When mom caught me in her room masturbating

One day my mom came home from a workout class to find me in her room masturbating with some of her socks from the dirty hamper. She had caught on to me doing this as I noticed she would just put her dirty clothes straight in the washer after her workouts. Basically, I stood there…

I can’t connect with people.

I’m in a point on my life in which I can’t find a way to connect with people. I feel so left out in social events or situations. My low self-steem and my opinion about certain issues have made me anti-social. Can anyone relate? Or at least understand?

My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine: I change into a hood because I feel insecure about my body. I try not to eat breakfast, so I can lose weight. I brush my teeth and brush my hair. I look in the mirror “wow I’m ugly” “my face is too fat and ugly”. I go to school, afraid to…