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My mom walked in on me when I was trying to jack off

My mom walked in on me when I was trying to jack off.

My dick was kind of limp and nothing was happening. She said I see you are learning about your body. She sat down next to me and grabbed my dick. Now honey mom will show you how to do this.

She stood up and took off her cloths and sat back down.

She took my hand and put it between her legs. She guided may hand to her wet slit and told me to rub it. As I began to rub her she rubbed my dick, it got real hard fast.

Mom said now that’s how it should be. She rubbed it faster and faster and then I ejaculated all over. Mom kissed me and said we will be doing this several times a week.

After about a month of her jacking me off she said now I want to see you do it by your self.

She stripped down to nothing and sat in a chair in front of me.

I got hard when I saw her pussy and began to jack off.

I noticed she was now rubbing her pussy I rubbed fast and hard. I heard her begin to moan. She had two fingers inside her pussy. My dick was ready to explode. I moved next to her and shoot my sperm on her tits. She let out a loud moan and layed back in the chair.

For the next year or so we did this three to four times a week. It was my 14th birthday and mom said she had a special present for me. That night after dinner she took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom. She stripped and so did I.

She grabbed my cock and knelt down and put her mouth around my dick. Sucking it.

It was harder than it ever was before. She got up and layed over the edge of the bed sticking her ass in the air.

She said now son You will become a man. Put your dick in side my pussy. She guided my dick into place I began to hump her. The feeling was fantastic.

She kept saying faster so I did. I could feel my dick ready to explode.

She let out a loud scream just as my sperm came out. I layed down next to her and gave her a kiss. I said thank you mom for making me your man.

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