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He is touching his sister in the wrong

I am sorry to hear that a year-old boy is touching his sister in the wrong. The little girl need to tell on him. If is true that’s got to stop, he needs help. He’s a dirty dog he needs his butt whip.  

I’m her dirty slut and I love it

I am my girlfriend’s bitch. Yesterday she dressed me in her panties, bent me over her knee and spanked me until my butt was red. Then she cuffed me to the bed and rode my face until she came. After that she made me get on my knees and beg to lick her ass. She…

Dreamers belong together

I wonder if he belonged blacked out in the backseat of my jeep. Did he “belong” ripping that bong hit that cashed the bowl, immediately before he ran off into the midnight street. He had us worried sick when we searched all night and could not find him until the following day. I’m more curious…

Mom kept waking me up playing with her pussy

When I was 5. I started to sleep in the bed with my mom. She was go to bed with just her panties on. She some time was have me to give her a full body rub down. About three time a week, I was wake up to mom playing with herself. I was asking…

I can’t have sex because I love masturbating so much

I think that I will never be able to have a relationship with a partner(s) or even try having sex because I love masturbating so much. ] However, I am never the focus of my fantasies. In fact, I’m never in them at all. I just imagine made up people participating in erotic scenes while…

48 and my wife hasn’t had sex with me for 7 years

Hello, I’m 48 and have not had sex in seven years. I love the woman I’m with, but she no longer wants sex. I don’t want to cheat, but all I can think about is sex. It the mists of a midlife crises which makes the situation worse. Is there a way to suppress sexual…

You have NO IDEA how hot it is to make a 6yo girl orgasm

Back in 2008, my wife and I were home-schooling our than six of old daughter Bella she was really cute sweet girl, Crooked Smile, but nothing I would have ever wanted to divulge in; until she got out of the bathtub and climbed up on my lap that one fateful afternoon and she felt my…

I fucked my mom when I was 13

I am thirteen years old and I fucked my mom. My sister was in bed and my dad was out for work, so it was just me and my mom. I told her I wasn’t feeling well so she told me to go to my room and wait. I have a king-sized bed and my…

It made me feel so horny and dirty

I got a new buttplug, vibrator, and dildo, and wore them inside of me to the mall. I was so horny and wet. When I got home, I masturbated for an hour straight. I also sent nudes to random guys online, and it made me feel so naughty and dirty. And they sent me dick…

Sex with a granny

Ok so this is a story about my sex with a granny. So, I was at home watching tv with my 10-inch penis sticking out of my boxers. I hear a knock on my door. I put my penis in my boxers and put on my pants and opened the door. There ware 2 grannies’….

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate.

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate. I would always finish while she washed her breast, then one day I was late, when I got to the bathroom, mom was done washing her breast and moved her hands down. Then she put a foot on the side of tub and I saw it….

Old boys club rules

Old boys club rules. Don’t say it out loud that we like to rape girls. Just wink at him and laugh at her. If she says it out loud then grab her by the reputation. And choke her to death.

But in high school I fuck bitches

When I was born, the high pussy’s took me to jail and they destroy my ass-hole. They put niggers inside my ear and then they fuck me in the nose because I was a beautiful kiddo. But in high school I fuck bitches. In the army I fuck bitches. After the army I fuck bitches….


I love to play with my brother and sisters vagina and dick at same time. It makes me cum everywhere I love it.