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Stay strong and don’t ever give up

I don’t know where I should start. When I was little, I was really happy. I enjoyed my life as much I could. I was having so much fun with my friends. I always thought everyone have a good heart. I was nice to people and always try to help them as much as I…

I hate myself or being a joke

I hate myself or being a joke. I’m in my room realizing this. I’m a good person but I’ve got 1000 pounds of damage. I try so hard to do good, but always fall. I appreciate my loves? I love them too. I can’t love myself, I am trash. No matter how hard I try?

What the fuck is wrong with my life?

What the fuck is wrong with my life? Nothing is going well. Everything is just falling. I just want to die. I hate every fucking thing nothing nice can really happen in my life…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to tell them about my suicidal thoughts

I feel like I have depression but it’s not a family matter, its more about my friends. They still talk to me normally however I feel left out in this group of four people (including myself). I will always be behind them when we are walking together and sometimes they left me behind. I feel…

He knows all your pain and struggle.

I just want to say, that God is good all the time. Even when you can’t feel it, even when you don’t believe in Him. He still there, watching you, waiting for you to reach Him. Even when things went bad, really bad. I just want to remind you that killing yourself doesn’t solve your…

I’ve never felt calm.

I’ve never felt happy. I’ve never felt at ease. I’ve never felt calm. I’m lying. I’ve felt all of these things. Which makes the loss of them hurt even worse?

When I said no in the cinema and no one believes me

I’m in grade ten. In July my best friend and my other best friend go together. I set them up together which was awesome they were so cute together, what happened to them is a whole other story. We all went on a movie double date to the theatres. I had met this guy on…

I’m trying to pull my things together

Right now, I’m trying to pull my things together and damn! It’s just so hard. I used to be a party animal, go out every weekend, drink and do drugs on and on. I felt that I’m stagnating and that I need something else. I consider myself a messed-up person as I can’t be 100%…

Every day at work I’m fucking stupid

I am not mentally ok. I hate myself every day. I hate the way I look, and I hate the way I feel. Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror and hate every piece of fat on my body. But then I come home at night and I eat. Why do I do…

I have told the teachers they do nothing

I hate my school. I have so many dreams and aspirations, but they’ll never come true. No matter how hard I study and work, because of other people cheating and teachers not doing anything about it, I’ll never get what I deserve. There will always be people who didn’t work that hard but get better…

I wish suicide was not a sin

I wish suicide was not a sin….. Nobody could resist myself from doing that….. I was born to be used by people and to be a subject to their whim??? One kind of insecurity feeling is overwhelming me….. I’m really not sure what to do with life…

I’m feeling suicidal again

I’m feeling suicidal again… I just want to be alone but at the same time I don’t want to be. I know that I will seriously harm myself or worst. I want to talk to someone but I don’t think anyone actually understands what I am feeling.

I hate my life

I hate my life. I try to be okay with it, but I hate it. Why am I struggling so much? Why are my efforts proving to be not enough every single time. I try and try and I’m never enough. What is my purpose for being created? To struggle my entire life? What God….

I am not a good student

My name is Ssuhani and I am fourteen years old, and I am in class ninth. I am not a good student, but I have never failed in my tests, I am in average student, but my family hates me a lot. Every single night I am crying and sleeping. When I am right nobody…

I am into BDSM

I started as a normal male goodie two shoes. When I turned 19 I got into BDSM and a year later found a dominant guy. I moved with him and he moved to a nudist community. Now almost all day every day my cock is regulated and kept hard and my hands occupy heavy metal…

Nothing makes sense

Hello fellow humans, nothing makes sense. If god created us then why do we have to do as he pleases, makes no sense. There is an after life, wow that’s very funny. Makes no sense.