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I don’t know whether they are my friends or not

In my life and family everyone is good and understanding. I have some friends. I don’t know whether they are my friends or not. But I have this intense feeling of emptiness because no body takes pain to hear me.

Now I feel I am not worth of hearing..

And I don’t want to make issue about it. I don’t know, why am I feeling it or what to do about it? It just creates intense annoyance in my head that I can’t even express.

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  1. I am not an expert. But the only way I have dealt with this situation is by either leaving or trying. It depends on your relationship with the other person, my boyfriend is not a good listener but doesn’t mean he ignores me, so i just went up to him and talked about it. Turns out it was a misunderstanding. I would approach my parents and family members too, but when i realized that a few of my friends were not listening to me, i sat back and noticed how they actually liked talking too much but never wanted to listen to my side, i simply let go off them, i do not advise you to do the same. But just observe who actually takes you seriously and only talk to them, world lacks a lot of good listener and I hope you will find someone who will respect your side! Hope you have a lovely day stranger 🙂

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