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I cant manage my bf’s dick. Any tips?

I’m 19 years old. I am 4’11 and my boyfriend is 6’4. My relationship is really recent.

His dick is extremely big. Whenever we should have sex, I really cant manage even a quarter of him without feeling pain. Even though I’m aroused (I’m wet and my vagina lips are swollen) I still cannot manage him without feeling pain.

Any tips on how to deal with that?


  1. you will push a baby out one day. so learn to enjoy it. start stretching your pussy aand let him fuck you raw.. youll enjoy it more and more…

  2. My wife is 5’1″ and I’m 6′ tall with a thick 8″ cock. She had trouble with it when we first started dating but after fucking her hard and deep, and causing her a lot of pain a few times she eventually got to the point where it doesn’t hurt as much. She even told me that forcing her to take all of it so savagely has taught her to enjoy it. About a month ago I got it into her ass after some struggling and she screamed like hell but now that she knows it will go into her little ass she’s ready to let me do it again.

  3. I agree. Just let him have his way with you. If you start to cry that might cause him yo fuck you harder and deeper so be careful

  4. Come to me and i’ll show ya how i can get mine all the way in you. im almost 8in and not quite a big around as a beer can. (damn, wish i could post pics here too, i’d just show ya!) ????

  5. Why didnt it leave my earlier comment? All i said was, lets meet up and i can show her how she can more cock in her little tight cunt. Mine is 7 3/4in and almost big around as drink can. I promise you could take it all, might take a minute or two….or three, but it would happen. Then i guarantee you would orgasm like you never coulda imagined possible before. I know you dont wanna hear this but, sounds like your big dick boyfriend just isnt doing it right honestly. Nothing wrong with you, like the other person said, you are capable of a baby coming out of that vagina! im sorry, but your boy just isnt working you right. I’d love to help you BOTH out, he could watch and learn himself. Sound good to you? ???

  6. You’ll adjust to his size naturally but it may take time. If he’s selfish he’ll be more likely to hurt you. More foreplay before sex will help if he’s interested. If he’s not willing to meet your needs, he’s not the right person for you.
    Also, you be on top. You can control depth. You may just have a tough time getting him all the way in. Not every girl appreciates getting her cervix beat up. You might come to enjoy it. I’m well endowed and have had women who enjoyed it, and others that never could take it all either vaginally or oral. In fact the one who was quite shallow learned to deep throat and enjoyed anal, so don’t give up yet. If he’s the right one he’ll be happy to let you explore the possibilities.

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