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My older sister sexually abused me when we were children.

My older sister sexually abused me when we were children.

She was 7 anx I was 4. It ended when she was12 and I was 9. It was consisted of her touching me and having touch me inappropriately and giving me oral sex, also gave her oral sex and had to rubbed her vagina.

I told her to stop but didn’t listen. I learned she was abused by a teenage neighbour. She told me not to tell anyone, not even our mom. I wanted to tell but couldn’t because fearing that no one seems to care. She passed away and never got justice. What should I do?


  1. Hey. You need to talk to your parents. Your were a very small child. I’ve been forced to have and give oral sex when I was 5. You need to tell or it will hurt you. I hope your ok.

  2. please tell someone, im sorry that happened to you. stay strong, much love ??

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you, this is really horrible and nothing that your sister has been through excuses her abusing you as well. I hope you can talk to someone about this whether it’s your parents, teachers, a friend etc. It would probably be the most beneficial if you talked to a counsellor about this to ensure that it doesn’t affect your life. I’m not sure how old you are but there are also anonymous sites like Kooth etc. which you can chat with professionals over and get some relief and advice from. maybe you could try that out as well? And remember not to give up if the first person you talk to isn’t as helpful as you would have liked, keep trying as everyone is different.

    Stay strong honey xx

  4. my sister made me addict to it to . i never had justice . but that turned into an addict . my cousin forced me to lick her boob and have a lip lock with her . it ended as my sister having wet boobs and a bitten lip. one day she pulled me into the bathroom and started to undress me and ……w-well…..she took a brinjal and cumed me with it!!! it ended with alot of creampie in my vagina and my wet mouth and her wet boob , dick , pussy . i was so sad about it . this is the sex abuse which my sister had done to me!

  5. so if you don’t tell someone it will hurt you lol …what a sissy….

  6. hope your ok sweetie someone sucked your wee wee .don’t blow your head off now,just rip the dildo out your ass and walk away ok..

  7. I was 6 years old when I first gave oral sex to my Dads friend, he showed me a porno film and said it was time I learned about sex, I was especially fascinated by the scenes showing girls sucking cock, when the guy shot his cum all over the girls face, I asked my Uncle what the white stuff was, he had his cock out stroking it, and said it was baby juice, would you like a taste, I guess I’m a natural born slut because I immediately grabbed his cock and started to suck him, I had one eye on the porno film and just copied what they were doing, I remember him saying what a hot child slut I was, which I sort of took as a compliment, then he stood up and grabbed my pigtails and proceeded to face fuck me, till I was gagging, he then pulled his cock out and jacked off all over my face and in my mouth, he used me for his fuck toy for years and I loved it.

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