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My mom and I had sex.

My mom and I had sex. It seem stupid but its true.

She was kind of mad at first. It all happened one Sunday afternoon.

My mom was lying down in her bed. I just walked up to her and thought, “why not?” and stuck my hand down her pants.

I knew it was a huge gamble but It worked out for me.

Soon she let me take off her bra and then, we just got naked and it happened. Yes, she was taking effective birth control.


  1. If your mother had dominion over you and threatened you if you did not submit it wasn’t your fault. My mother was aggressive and never took no for a answer. Her demands included oral sex at first. Then after she found out I was gay she blackmailed me into full on sex.

  2. Well it depends on each individuals circumstances. Power dictates a lot of senerios. Drugs sometimes are used to groom individuals. A mother in the ’70’s used QUAALUDES to lower inhibitions. It’s such a unspoken topic that it is rarely discussed. In 3rd world countries however it’s quite common.

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