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When I was 8, I got sexually touched by other students

When I was 8, I got sexually touched by three other students in my class.

It was the end of school and my family was playing around in the field opposite our school. I was running across the field when the other people called me over, and I did.

They forced me to go into the hedge next to them and pull my pants down. I said no and offered a different thing to do, but still they insisted to it. Me having no other way out of this obeyed and climbed into the hedge and pulled down my pants.

Little did I know they followed me in. One of them blocked the door, the two others crouched down and started to prod it, inspecting it. I was very uncomfortable and I tried to pull up my pants and leave but they wouldn’t let me.

My Mum thankfully came and ordered me to get out and that we are going home. Later on I realized that they also did it to my brother and sister. My Mum tried to tell their parents but they wouldn’t believe her. So we moved away from the school, moved to a different school and tried to forget what happened. But that day haunted me from there onwards.


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