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My name is Alexis Williams and I’m 13 years old. This is the story of how I learned about suicide not being the answer.

So I remember taking a picture of my breast because I thought I had breast cancer and forgot to delete it. Then one of my friends had my phone because I had to use it and we were on a field trip. So before I left she told me she was going to take some pictures from out my phone for memories. I was cool with that because i forgot about the picture.

So come July and this dude we go call him blue he supposingly exposed me because my so called friend sent him the pic cause she knew I liked him.

So I guess you can call it depressed but I didn’t know what it was that time. A whole lotta people were texting me calling me nasty ad stuff and I cried myself to sleep that night.

So it came the first day of school and I thought nobody was going to be my friend but kajah stuck with me. Some girls ended up telling my grandma because she worked at the school and she told me that she told them they deserve to call me nasty and a slut. And said i made her look bad. Which hurt me even more. My mom just sticked with with me and said you shoulda been told me and just know it’s going to be hard. That made me fell a little better. It came around the 2 month from that and I decided I had enough with the bullying.

So I looked up how to die and it showed up cut your arm and you might cut a vein and die. So I stuck with that plan. Slowly I wanted someone to know so I can get help but I was scared. My friends Brianna, Braylaa and kajah knew about it and promised not to tell. But they had enough of it so one day they told the most supportive teacher at school and I hid in a corner of her classroom.

So basically after they told her she hugged me and said she was going to tell the assistant principle. And that made me mad. So the period ended which was lunch and since it was leap testing we stayed with our homeroom teacher. So basically when I went in the class I had a mad expression so Braylaa “told me to cheer up and don’t look mad cause people are going to see and their going to ask what happened”.

So I fixed my face up. 5 minutes later the assistant principle came and he was like do you have a Alexis Williams in your class. And the teacher was like yes. And I got up and started hitting into desks cause I was extremely mad. So we started walking to his room and I looked at the teacher who told Mrs.ogorro and she said “I had to”. I wasn’t mad at her or anything but I was scared and worried.

So the assistant principle was like so we got a report that you were cutting yourself. And I didn’t say anything I just looked at him and he told me to lift my sleave so I did and he was like yep come on.

So I followed behind him as he was leading me to the school concelor. And as we were walking he saw the principle and I mean the principle and we walked by her and she was like is she in trouble and the assistant principle was like no but we got a report about a picture and she was cutting herself.

So she was like what type of picture and I was like of my breast. And she was like ” never take those kind of pictures”. And them she told me to show me my arm so I did and she was like yep. And we started walking to the concelor. When we got their the principle and assistant principle basically explained everything. And the concelor asked me questions and called my parents. And I ended up in a mental hospital.

Suicide is not the answer. You can always get help. If you need anyone to talk to contact my social media:


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