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I want to become an actor

Hello world, I don’t. know how to write this, but if there is someone who can feel me or understand my inner pain, so I am 24year old guy, who is engineer by his study.

I am graduate and my family background comes under middle class section. So in 2017 I completed my studies and return home, so I came to know that my elder brother is getting married and he owns an general store, so he need help there so that he can complete his marriage shopping, but I don’t know now I cannot come out from that business.

I want to become an actor but I cannot leave my brother because he has asthma so I care for him, but on other hand my parents want to me earn money on my own, and start doing some job, but my dream is to be an actor which require few years to get into limelight.

So now I don’t know what should I do in my life. I hate job and I want to fulfil my dream of being an actor.

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